Friday, July 10, 2015

I'm Not Dead Yet

Jeez!  I have been so friggin' busy I have let my blog fall into neglect.  To the 220 people who checked these pages in my absence I offer my sincere apology.

Fantasy Baseball:  I have 6 teams going in money leagues.  Two of my teams are in 3rd place in their respective leagues.  One team is in 4th place, and one team is in 5th place.  I think my 5th place team has the best shot at winning decent money when the season rolls to a close.  Another of my teams is in 6th place and is rapidly rising.

But that's only FIVE TEAMS! I hear someone say.

True that.  In the rilly, rilly, BIG money league, my team is in 15th (and LAST) place!

I offer no excuses although I have plenty.  Not only am I in 15th 15th place team is miles behind the team in 14th place!  The team in 14th place has 59 points while my team has a lowly 36 points.

But never say die! I'm not going to win the big money league; but I am determined to finish with a ranking better than 15th.

Other Matters (than Fantasy Baseball):  Plenty to say on the world situation.  Maybe next time.


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