Thursday, July 30, 2015

First Place

Tonight I moved into 1st place in one of my fantasy baseball money leagues.  A  team named Virasoro Blocks had been in the lead like forever.  I checked out the owner of the Virasoro Blocks team, and I found that he has won several money leagues in the past.  

I knew that Virasoro was the name of a mathematician who among other things, invented his own system of algebra; so I'm guessing that the guy who owns the Virasoro Blocks team is a math or physics guy. I'm now ahead of him by 1/2 of a point. 

I was a bit surprised when I saw my team in first place because I had been sitting in 3rd place about 4 points behind Virasoro Blocks.  Then Duda hit 3 home runs today and 4 of my pitchers won their games, and somebody stole a base, and voila...I was in first place!  I never even saw my team listed in 2nd place.

Mike Trout hasn't played since Sunday but my Trout team has been doing okay without him.  We got out of 6th place and we are now solidly in 5th, a half-point out of 4th.  Some of my other teams are also moving well but have ground to make up.

Meanwhile, the Astros beat the Angels again and the Astros are alone in 1st place.  They didn't get Cole Hamels.  Maybe they have a shot at Price? (David Price; not Vincent.)  I live near Vegas and I made a bet that the Astros would win the A.L. Pennant.  I got odds of 25-1.

Ah, life at the top!

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