Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Hundred Year Marathon by Michael Pillsbury

At the end of World War II the United States co-opted the Nazi spy network…Hitler’s Intelligencia  or C.I.A. (If you will…) It was run by Wehrmacht Major general Reinhard Gehlen,  formerly the head of German military intelligence in the Eastern Front..  The USA did this in order to keep the USSR in check in Eastern Europe.  Later, in April of 1949, NATO was formed, and established a fairly permanent check on any possible USSR aggression in Eastern Europe.* (This is not mentioned in the book...I'm just providing it for background.)

 Then, in 1971, several years after the Korean War in which the Chinese Army helped to kill more than 30,000 Americans, President Nixon shook hands with Chairman Mao Zedong.  The USA and China were now buddies, and The USSR (now Russia) was caught in a pincer (or so we thought.)

Since then the USA has been aiding China.  In our schools we teach our students that China is a victim of the past actions of imperialist USA and imperialist Japan.  There is, of course, some truth to this.

But China had secret plans.  According to Michael Pillsbury in his new book, The Hundred Year Marathon, China had plans to become the world’s leading power in a hundred years, beginning in 1949.  I will be dead in 2049 but some of you will still be around. 

The USA has been misled by its leaders.  In every election cycle for the past forty years or so the USA has put into office a smug collection of suits (and pants-suits) who may be intelligent, but who know little about how the world actually works outside the Beltway.  And what little they do know of what goes on outside the Beltway is often dead wrong.  Our elected officials depend heavily on information received from “experts.”  These “experts” are subject to the same pressures to conform to the prevailing opinion as were the experts who brought the world economy to a crash in 2008, and these experts' interpretations of world events which they share with  elected officials are likely a bit more optimistic than is warranted by the facts.

So pay attention to this book, young people!  I picked up this book “The Hundred Year Marathon,” expecting to disagree with whatever the author had written.  I especially expected to disagree when I read the following disclaimer at the beginning of the book, which I partially quote below:

“The CIA, the FBI, The Office of the Secretary of Defense, and an agency of the Defense Department reviewed this book prior to publication…”  Egad!

However, Michael Pillsbury has written an eye-opener.  If you want to learn some of the truth of what is happening in the real world, read this book.

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