Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gates of Vienna

Gates of Vienna is a website I go to a lot.  I just read an article there with what you might call an agenda.  In the article it said, "Every hour in the USA 147 Latinos are born, 41 blacks are born and 6 whites...blah blah blah."  

I knew this was b.s., so I wrote a comment which so far they have not taken down...

In the above article it states: “Noting that there are 147 Latinos, 41 Blacks and six Whites born every hour in the United States,…blah blah blah”
 When I read this I said, “Nah. No way. I’m pretty sure there’s more than six white kids born every hour in my apartment building alone,”
So I checked.

 The official birth numbers by race for the year 2014 in the USA are: White (non-Hispanic) 2,146,482. Black (non-Hispanic) 589,016. Hispanic…914,116.
Gates of Vienna is one of my favorite websites.  Lots of great information there that you won't find elsewhere.  But be careful.

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